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Acer negundo - Boxelder

Acer saccharinum - Silver Maple

Acer x freemanii 'Jeffersred' - Autumn Blaze Maple

Aesculus 'Autumn Splendor' - Autumn Splendor Buckeye

Aesculus glabra - Ohio Buckeye

Alnus hirsuta 'Harbin' - Prairie Horizon Manchurian Alder

Betula papyrifera - Paper Birch

Betula papyrifera '(clump)' - Clump Paper Birch

Celtis occidentalis - Common Hackberry

Elaeagnus angustifolia - Russian Olive

Fraxinus mandshurica 'Mancana' - Mancana Manchurian Ash

Malus 'Battleford' - Battleford Apple

Malus 'Collett' - Collett Apple

Malus 'Dolgo' - Dolgo Apple

Malus 'Goodland' - Goodland Apple

Malus 'Honeycrisp' - Honeycrisp Apple

Malus 'Jeflite' - Starlite Flowering Crab

Malus 'Jefsey' - Odyssey Apple

Malus 'Midnite Spire' - Midnite Spire® Columnar Crabapple

Malus 'Norkent' - Norkent Apple

Malus 'Norland' - Norland Apple

Malus 'Parkland' - Parkland Apple

Malus 'Pink Spires' - Pink Spires Flowering Crab

Malus 'Prairie Magic' - Prairie Magic Apple

Malus 'Radiant' - Radiant Flowering Crab

Malus 'Rescue' - Rescue Apple-Crab

Malus 'September Ruby' - September Ruby Apple

Malus 'Spring Snow' - Spring Snow Flowering Crab

Malus 'Thunderchild' - Thunderchild Flowering Crab

Pinus ponderosa - Yellow Pine

Pinus sylvestris - Scotch Pine

Pinus uncinata - Mountain Pine (New For 2023)

Populus 'ACWS151' - Sundancer Poplar

Populus 'Jefguard' - Guardian™ Columnar Aspen

Populus 'Okanese' - Okanese Poplar

Populus 'Prairie Sky' - Prairie Sky Poplar

Populus tremuloides - Trembling Aspen

Prunus maackii - Amur Cherry

Prunus maackii 'Jefdike' - Klondike Amur Cherry

Pyrus ussuriensis 'Golden Spice' - Golden Spice Pear

Quercus ellipsoidalis 'Shooting Star' - Shooting Star Northern Pin Oak

Quercus macrocarpa - Bur Oak

Salix 'Prairie Cascade' - Prairie Cascade Weeping Willow

Salix alba 'Vitellina' - Golden Willow

Sorbus decora - Showy Mountain Ash

Sorbus x hybrida - Oakleaf Mountain Ash (New For 2023)

Syringa reticulata - Japanese Tree Lilac

Syringa reticulata 'Bailnce' - Snowdance™ Japanese Tree Lilac

Syringa reticulata 'Ivory Silk' - Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac

Syringa reticulata 'Ivory Silk (tree form)' - Ivory Silk Tree Lilac (tree form)

Tilia americana - American Linden

Tilia cordata - Littleleaf Linden

Tilia cordata 'Greenspire' - Greenspire Linden

Tilia mongolica 'Harvest Gold' - Harvest Gold Mongolian Linden

Tilia x flavescens 'Dropmore' - Dropmore Linden

Ulmus 'Morton Glossy' - Triumph Elm

Ulmus americana 'Brandon' - Brandon Elm

Ulmus davidiana 'Discovery' - Discovery Elm


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